Groupe Filgo-Sonic acquires Bell-Gaz ltée and Compagnie du chemin de fer Lanaudière inc.

Sainte-Marie, May 11, 2017 - Groupe Filgo-Sonic, leader in energy distribution in Quebec, has acquired the assets of the family-owned business Bell-Gaz ltée, one of the majors regarding the sale and delivery of propane gas in Quebec, and those of Compagnie du chemin de fer Lanaudière inc. This acquisition, completed on Friday, May 5th, takes place while continuing the operations of Bell-Gaz ltée with the Belleville family. With this transaction, Groupe Filgo-Sonic wants to get closer to its customers of the Lanaudière region and increase the value of its services, while benefiting from the expertise of Bell-Gaz ltée’s teams.

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Groupe Filgo and Énergies Sonic have officially grouped their activities together in creating Groupe Filgo-Sonic.

The newly created enterprise is held 50% by Groupe Filgo and 50% by La Coop Network.
The two networks will continue to operate in parallel and no changes will be apparent to customers in the short-term.

Together, Groupe Filgo and Énergies Sonic will become the one of the largest purchasers of petroleum products in Québec.

With this partnership, Groupe Filgo and Énergies Sonic aim to create an enterprise that ranks amongst the largest energy distributors in Eastern Canada and which is recognized as the gold standard for customer experience.

The critical mass that we are seeking will allow us to become a more competitive supplier in the market and ensure local service to our customers for many years to come.

For Groupe Filgo and Énergies Sonic, this represents a natural alliance that forms the basis of a common objective for longevity and proximity as part of local communities. By joining forces, we can ensure service and products in the long-term for our members and our customers.

Groupe Filgo- Sonic is managed by Michel Lehoux, the current President-General Manager and principal shareholder of Groupe Filgo.

Michel Lehoux joined Groupe Filgo in 1975 and he has held various positions within different departments which has allowed him to become very close to the enterprise. Under his leadership, Filgo has become one of the largest distributors of petroleum products in Québec. His leadership has allowed him to develop an involved management team as well as to position Filgo as an integrator par excellence within its market.

The Groupe Filgo-Sonic portfolio is just brimming with brands. Work has already begun in order to develop the brand architecture for the group and to advance its own corporate identity.


Founded in 1956, Groupe Filgo is a leader in petroleum product distribution in Québec. Groupe Filgo is made up of three business units, these being the service station-convenience store network, petroleum product distribution and the distribution of lubricants.

Groupe Filgo annually distributes more than 700 million litres of energy products. It operates 112 service stations in Québec, 33 corporate stations with convenience stores, 25 depots and card locks as well as 15 business locations. Groupe Filgo employs over 550 people with annual sales of nearly $750 million.


Founded in 1958, Sonic is a division of La Coop fédérée which annually distributes over 900 million litres of energy products (gas, propane, diesel, heating oil, lubricants, DEF and forestry biomass) and operates 152 service stations in Québec. It also operates 21 depots and self-service sites for trucks. It provides sales, installation and maintenance services for heating and storage equipment. Énergies Sonic employs over 225 people and its annual sales are now nearly $800 million.



Groupe Filgo-Sonic c’est…

• 264 stations-services
• 775 employés
• 24 places d’affaires
• 33 stations corporatives avec dépanneurs
• 46 dépôts et card locks
• 166 agents distributeurs et livreurs



Our objective is to create an enterprise that ranks amongst the largest energy distributors in Eastern Canada and which is recognized as the gold standard for customer experience



December 2015

Signing of the amalgamation agreement between Groupe Filgo & Sonic, and submission of the file with the Competition Bureau of Canada

À venir
December 2015 to June 2016

Review of the file by the Competition Bureau of Canada

À venir
June 29, 2016

Projected accepted without conditions by the Competition Bureau of Canada

À venir
October 24, 2016

Official launch of the new enterprise


Why have you chosen to do business together?

The energy market is a mature one that is under heavy pressures. It is becoming more and more difficult to ensure the distribution of energy products in Quebec’s regional markets as the volume of business declines and the costs of environmental management increase along with operational costs. Bringing the activities of Groupe Filgo and Énergies Sonic together allows us to establish the critical mass necessary to enable us to reduce our costs and increase our purchasing power, all to the benefit of the consumer.

Will the Filgo and Sonic banners coexist?

All of the trade marks will be preserved. Our trade marks are strong and will be able to exist along side of each other.

What will be the difference for customers in choosing between Groupe Filgo or Énergies Sonic?

This partnership is new. We are presently in a transition phase and working to position each of the brands. Regardless, our priority will always be to respond to the needs of our customers while ensuring their complete satisfaction.

Will Énergies Sonic stay as a cooperative? Will Groupe Filgo become a cooperative?

Énergies Sonic was never a cooperative per se as it was an activity sector belonging to a cooperative network.

Groupe Filgo-Sonic is an enterprise owned 50% by the cooperatives in La Coop Network, that is to say La Coop fédérée.